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When a Svalinn dog becomes the newest member of your family, a noticeable sense of comfort and peace of mind arises.

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Our dogs begin their training at eight weeks of age, training with us each day until they are placed with their forever family, around 2-3.5 years of age. With a focus on foundational obedience, stability, agility, socialization, and of course, protection, each dog is honed to meet the unique needs of our respective K9 Owners.

Included in the purchase of a Svalinn dog, you will receive a personalized training package. Because every K9 Owner has different requirements, we tailor the training according to your particular living situation, specific needs, daily routine and potential security threats.
Included Training
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What is a Protection Dog?

Comfort and security
Friends and guardians. The term “attack dog,” to our mind, has a negative connotation. It conjures up images of an aggressive, antisocial, and unapproachable animal. Conversely, we believe that the term, “protection dog,” instills confidence and suggests an obedient, thinking, discerning nature.

Svalinn dogs are your ultimate lovers and protectors … guaranteed peace of mind.


24/7 peace of mind
Svalinn's in-house breeding program is unparalleled in the industry. Our 18-year history of cross breeding gives our K9 owners confidence in our historical and proven bloodlines.  We breed Svalinn dogs with the kind of intelligence, capability and stability you want by your side at all times. From a health, temperament and characteristics standpoint, our ability to perfect our dogs’ genetic traits is an enormous advantage to our K9 Owner's peace of mind. 
Breed Specifications


Friends and protectors
Our dogs are exposed to a wide variety of stimuli during their upbringing and are put through many of the most common, non-threatening experiences our K9 Owners are likely to encounter on a daily basis.

Svalinn dogs are raised to be well-mannered, loving members of their forever family. It’s important to remember that while Svalinn dogs possess an elite set of skills they can employ in a split-second to defend your family, they are first and foremost family members that love attention and affection as much as any other dog.
Family Protection


Obedience, stability, socialization
Our methodology is based on our firsthand experience in non-permissive environments such as Afghanistan, Kenya and Somalia and is guided by a strictly defined set of performance criteria. It’s a distinction that makes all the difference to you as an owner and companion of one of these extraordinary animals.

Many so-called “protection” dogs are trained for competitions; at Svalinn we aren’t interested in sports or games. We focus on developing loving and faithful companion dogs that are also exceptional deterrents to a would-be threat, and instant protectors, should you or your family ever be in imminent danger.
Included Training
Visiting the Svalinn ranch, meeting the dogs, talking to the K9 handlers and seeing the whole process is exciting and powerful. Watching a dog do protection work is an important part of the selection process as it quickly confirms that a Svalinn dog takes its job seriously.
DC, Owner of Siggy

What a Svalinn Protection Dog Offers You

Peace of mind, security, companionship
The addition of a protection dog to your security strategy offers many unique advantages. Our dogs cannot be used against their owners like a firearm, or bypassed like an alarm system, nor are they susceptible to any form of corruption like a paid security guard. Protection dogs are a proactive approach to security — The presence alone of a highly trained, obedient and discerning dog is a significant deterrent to would-be assailants.

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We place the Latin phrase, "facta non verba," actions not words, at the core of our customer service.

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From day one and throughout the life of your dog, ensuring your satisfaction and peace of mind with your chosen canine protector is our ultimate mission.
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