Bred to Love.
Trained to Protect.

Simply put, Svalinn breeds, raises, trains and sells world-class protection dogs. With a focus on the dual role as both friend and protector, our dogs possess an unparalleled level of sociability and vigilance. Located in Livingston, Montana, we likely are training your perfect protection companion right now.

Best Friend.

The bond between humans and canines is one of the most powerful in the world. Our curriculum is built upon our understanding and appreciation of the special relationship between man and dog.

Best Protector.

Our focus is developing loving and faithful dogs that are also exceptional deterrents to any threat, and instant protectors should you or your family ever be in imminent danger.

Best Option.

It’s our unique training and breeding techniques—along with our own real-world security expertise—that allows us to raise Svalinn dogs to the highest standards possible.