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Personal Protection

A comfort unlike any other
Peace of mind and safety are priorities in everyone’s life, but remaining vigilant in a world constantly bombarding us with distractions is almost impossible.

That’s where Svalinn dogs come in.

Imagine how much more relaxing your daily routine would be with a Svalinn dog by your side. You could go about your life with confidence – free from that nagging worry of what might happen. Together you’ll make the perfect team.
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What is a Personal Protection Dog?

A common misconception is that a protection dog is an aggressive dog. Nothing could be further from the truth.

Svalinn dogs are first and foremost dogs – animals that are gentle, loving and display a very even and stable temperament. Svalinn would never place a dog in your home that we didn’t feel 100% safe with in our own homes and around our own children.


Our dogs begin their training at 6-8 weeks of age. With a strong focus on identifying humans as fellow members of their pack, Svalinn dogs learn to look to, and read, humans as one of their own. We focus on ensuring that each dog has as positive of an upbringing as possible, while learning from other members of the pack what appropriate behavior is needed.

In completing our training program, each dog is brought along to be thoughtful, methodical, and sensitive to the needs of their owners. This is reinforced by maintaining a consistent approach to their management for the first few years of life. In their upbringing, each dog is exposed to as many different real-world experiences as possible. Through this, they learn to be comfortable and confident, no matter where in the world they are.

Included Training


Ask any of our K9 owners, the bond with a Svalinn dog is unlike anything most people have experienced. Not only are you receiving a healthy, stable, agile individual, but it all comes wrapped up in an animal who is looking to do nothing but create a bond with their family or ‘pack.’ 

Our dogs are trained to work for the love and affection of their handler. This ensures a more meaningful connection between human and dog, one that is not bound by the number of treats in your pocket, or what toy you hold in your hand. Your Svalinn dog is looking to be constantly by your side on their own accord;  as a friend, great listener, and elite protector. Whatever comes your way, the two of you can handle it together. If you are looking for a loving companion to accompany you to any place at any time, a Svalinn dog is ready to be your best friend - and best choice for personal protection. 

Family Protection


Svalinn dogs are meant to spend time with their handler, day in and day out. They are not interested in wandering aimlessly around your property, as they know they can not do their job efficiently if they do not know where you are. They are bred and trained to be your eyes and ears whether you're sleeping, working, or simply relaxing. Your Svalinn dog is always on duty, even when you’re not.

Of course, each animal needs rest and relaxation time, and that typically comes when they understand that you are alert and aware (during the day). They will identify moments of calm throughout the day with you, when they can truly rest. At night, the dogs understand that you are in a vulnerable position while sleeping. As a result of this, they will not sleep as deeply at night as you do, because they are remaining aware of your surroundings for you. Regardless if they are resting or relaxing, a Svalinn dog is ready to perform at a moment’s notice should the need arise. 

Protection Dogs
I travel 300 days a year, having Ahsoka gives us the peace of mind that my wife not only has a protector but a loving companion, too.
PC, Owner of Ahsoka
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What a Personal Protection Dog Offers You

The addition of a protection dog to your security strategy offers many unique advantages. Our dogs cannot be used against their owners like a firearm, or bypassed like an alarm system, nor are they susceptible to any form of corruption like a paid security guard. Protection dogs are a proactive approach to security — The presence alone of a highly trained, obedient and discerning dog is a significant deterrent to would-be assailants.
Secure Your Svalinn Dog

The best option for protection wherever in the world business takes you

Offering executive security
Svalinn dogs are trained to assimilate into both unfamiliar settings and travel situations with ease, making them the best option for protection wherever in the world business takes you.

Our dogs fly on private planes, ride in cars or sit in on boardroom meetings so inconspicuously it’s easy to forget the dog is there.

And because Svalinn dogs are intended to accompany you at all times, you can rest assured your business and premises are protected whenever you’re there.

Client Testimonial

“Xena gives me the sense of security I have so desperately needed since my attack. She is not just my companion, she is my protector. I’m able to go for hikes again and do things I used to be too afraid to do.” -PV, Owner of Xena

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From day one and throughout the life of your dog, ensuring your satisfaction and peace of mind with your chosen canine protector is our ultimate mission.
Our Warranties

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