Three Svalinn dogs

K9 Selection

Svalinn takes great pride in matching you with the perfect dog.

How to Select Your Protector

K9 Selection Process

  • 1


    We get to know you and you get to know us and our dogs.
  • 2


    Learn what it takes to be a Svalinn dog.
  • 3


    Making sure it’s the right fit for both you and your dog.
  • 4

    securing your K9

    Putting down a non-refundable deposit to secure your chosen dog.

Post-Selection: K9 Ownership

Yzma, Horse

Getting Acquainted

Let’s get to know you
We’ll first want to learn more about you and your lifestyle. This getting acquainted phase helps us to select the candidates that will fit easily into your life while meeting all of your security needs. After establishing your priorities and sharing with you photos and videos of the various dogs, we’ll begin to help you narrow the choices down to a few select individuals we feel best meet all of your lifestyle and security requirements.
Alert dog laying on a wooden platform

Svalinn Ranch Visit

The most important step
We strongly encourage you to visit our ranch before selecting a dog. Here, you will learn all about what it takes to make a Svalinn dog. From the history of the company, bred out of necessity, to the raising and training that takes place every day, you’ll see everything that goes into creating your perfect protector. You will receive a firsthand look at the dogs and their unique personalities. At the same time, we will have a chance to speak in person with you about the needs and requirements of your dog.
Jardine, tunnel

Choose Your Dog

Once you have had a chance to meet the dogs in person, we can begin to narrow down a selection of dogs that will best suit your needs. We will continue to guide you through the process of envisioning a Svalinn dog by your side each day and what a good match will be. Even if you remain uncertain which dog to choose, it’s usually obvious to us which dog connects with you and will best augment your individual or family situation. Finding the best fit is one of our utmost priorities, as pairing you and your family with the correct dog will ensure a lifetime of calm and confidence in your individual dog. We are happy to help guide your decision. 

Yzma, running

Place a deposit, secure your companion

A 50% non-refundable deposit will hold a specific dog for you and your family.
If you decide to purchase, a 50% deposit is required to reserve your selected dog or place in line for a younger litter. This amount is non-refundable and completely transferrable. This means that if for any reason it is determined that the chosen dog is not a good fit for your situation, then these funds can be transferred to another dog who will be a better fit. 

Svalinn makes the purchasing process simple and straightforward.  We will work closely with you throughout every step. 
Chara, field

Post-Selection: K9 Ownership

  • 5


    We prepare your dog for life as your protector
  • 6


    Two sessions; 5 days total
  • 7


    Throughout the life of the dog; scheduled to fit your needs
  • 8


    Boarding when you need it, on-demand consultation
Life with Mungo is like having a best friend and body guard all in one. He is always alert and focused on his surroundings, but also always ready for fun.
ZL, Owner of Mungo

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