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Family Protection

A loyal protector and member of the family
We know nothing in this world is more important than your family’s safety.

Trained for Excellence

With a tailored multi-day training package upon delivery
Included in the purchase of a Svalinn dog, you receive a personalized training package. Because every K9 Owner has different requirements, we tailor the training accordingly to your particular living situation, specific needs, daily routine and potential security threats.
Included Training
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What is a Family Protection Dog?

A common misconception is that a protection dog is an aggressive dog. Nothing could be further from the truth.

Svalinn dogs are first and foremost dogs – animals that are gentle, loving and display a very even and stable temperament. Svalinn would never place a dog in your home that we didn’t feel 100% safe with in our own homes and around our own children.

Family Friendly

From a young age, our dogs are exposed to a variety of individuals, with a heavy focus on children. Our dogs develop a strong desire to be with their family or ‘pack’ and are truly content being another member of the family. During their training, our dogs are exposed to children of all ages. They learn that a young child needs to be treated with a more gentle touch than a teenager or adult, but they will play with the same intensity and energy as any other companion dog.  During the delivery process, we will coach you through the supervision of playtime with your family members.
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Home Life

Part of what makes a Svalinn dog so malleable is the variety of home environments they experience in their training. From young ages, they are constantly going home with any one of our handlers. This exposes them to different versions of ‘home life’ so that they eventually learn to settle wherever they are. This holds true for a day trip, vacation, or even an extended stay at a second home or destination. 
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Real-world Environments

Whether it’s school drop-off and pick-up, errands on the weekend, or a camping trip with the family, your dog is ready to accompany you throughout your life. We take great care to create and explore as many scenarios as possible with our dogs. We train them to adapt to these various situations, and prepare them for the new experiences they will encounter with you, their forever family.
Included Training
I was most impressed by the level of concern for both our family and the dog. [The Svalinn team] works very hard to set you up for long-term success and they continue to play an engaged role years later, supporting us in all of our goals with Ragnar.
IK, Owner of Ragnar

What a Family Protection Dog Offers You

There’s no better addition to your family than a Svalinn dog. Behind the soft fur and handsome face of your 4-legged family member is a pair of ever-watchful eyes, backed with the decision-making capability and elite training to defend you and your family in a split second. With a Svalinn dog, you can count on your newest member of the family to be highly loving and affectionate with impeccable manners and obedience. Svalinn dogs aren’t just a pet; they are an integral member of your household.
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Client Testimonial

“I entrust my family with this dog. He has become part of our family, to an extent that was not expected.” -HR, Owner of Elias

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• Health
• Perfect Fit

From day one and throughout the life of your dog, ensuring your satisfaction and peace of mind with your chosen canine protector is our ultimate mission.
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