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About Svalinn

Bred to Love. Trained to Protect.

Vision for robust protection & peace of mind

Our approach and methodology are based on our firsthand experience in non-permissive environments such as Afghanistan, Kenya and Somalia with real-world threats and is guided by a strictly defined set of performance criteria. It’s a distinction that makes all the difference to you as a K9 owner and companion of one of these extraordinary animals.

Many so-called “protection” dogs are trained for competitions; at Svalinn we aren’t interested in sports or games. Our focus is developing loving and faithful companion dogs that are also exceptional deterrents to a would-be threat, and instant protectors, should you or your family ever be in imminent danger.

Every minute spent in Svalinn’s consistent and precise training program has a purpose. The foundation of our training is obedience, stability, socialization and agility. These elements are critical for dogs that will be in public, with families and individuals in daily life situations.

While many people presume the protection work to be the most critical component of training, at the end of the day, it’s really the “on / off switch”. The ability to protect its handler in one instant, and immediately be calm and stable and move into obedience in the next instant. Every dog is proven to be thinking, observant and discerning.
Team at park, dogs on benches

Svalinn set out to advance the art of the protection dog

Simply put, we succeeded.
Our dogs are placed in a wide range of environments. From the executive living in a high-rise downtown, to the rancher with many acres, a Svalinn dog can find comfort nearly anywhere. Our training is focused, from a young age, on working in and through a variety of situations and lifestyles. 

Once a bond and relationship is established, our dogs thrive on being a part of your day to day life. Their desire to please is never ending and their determination to do their job ensures you always have a capable, vigilant, adaptable dog by your side. 
Svalinn History
A Svalinn dog

Bloodlines with the most desirable characteristics

Today, Svalinn breeds, raises and trains protection dogs based not on pedigrees, but a specific mix of the most desirable characteristics from very old bloodlines – with a special emphasis on capability, stability and sociability.  Svalinn has bred and trained over 300 dogs in service worldwide.

History of Working Dogs

The Svalinn Team

The Svalinn team posing next to a jack fence in a field
  • Kim Greene

    Kim Greene

    Kim is the Founder and CEO of Svalinn. The company was launched in 2005 in Nairobi, Kenya where Kim lived with her family. Kim is jokingly referred to as the company’s Alpha Female and is respo
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  • Carter

    Carter Clapham

    Carter is responsible for developing all K9 training modules. He manages a diverse team of K9 handlers. Following a 28-year military career in Army Special Operations, he retired as a Command Sergeant
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I travel 300 days a year, having Ahsoka gives us the peace of mind that my wife not only has a protector but a loving companion, too.
PC, Owner of Ahsoka

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