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Svalinn History

Map of flight route from Kenya(2005) to Montana(Present)

Security in the midst of instability.

You’d never know it looking at our beautiful facility in Livingston, Montana—but Svalinn’s elite protection dog program was born in the midst of the instability of eastern Africa during the mid-2000s. That’s when Svalinn’s founder established a high-level security services firm in Kenya in order to protect world leaders and members of international humanitarian organizations.

A former member of the United States military, Svalinn’s founder started by assembling a team of experts with backgrounds in security, threat assessments and military service in hazardous environments and war zones.
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Dogs bred out of necessity.

Constant travel throughout Africa, Asia, and the Middle East on executive protection contracts convinced the founder that his family required reliable, home-based security and protection while he was away. The family acquired two well-trained Dutch Shepherds to live at home with mom and her newborn twins. Out of necessity, Svalinn's founder chose dogs to protect his loved ones. Friends and neighbors took note of how effective these dogs were, as both protectors and as loving members of the family. They too saw the need for protection and peace of mind in their own homes. 

Over time, these families and individuals inquired about having their own highly trained, stable, and vigilant security dogs in their homes and at their side at all times. From this, Svalinn was born with a focus on family and personal safety packaged in a loving and obedient 4-legged family member. 

After visiting the ranch, observing the dogs in training and interacting with the team, it was apparent that Svalinn is a very unique business.
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