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History of Working Dogs

As the Svalinn name suggests, we admire the powerful themes found in Old Norse mythology and the spirit of the Scandinavian people and their Viking descendants.

From Norse Mythology to WWI

The value of the working dog is well documented by these Nordic cultures. Although most breeds were used as working dogs on Viking farms, many were recognized as loyal companions. Dogs were often buried alongside their Viking masters. In Scandinavian belief, the dog is the guardian of the underworld, and it is speculated that one reason for including dogs in Viking Age burials was to provide a guide for the deceased to lead them to the underworld.

Often, Vikings kept dogs for hunting purposes and several of those breeds remain today. One of the best-known Norse hunting dogs is the Norsk Elghund, bred by the ancient Danes to hunt moose and bear. The Norwegian Lundehund or Puffin-Hound is the most ancient of Nordic breeds and was often used to hunt the Viking delicacy, Puffin. In addition to hunting, the Vikings also used dogs to herd cattle. One of these breeds is the Swedish Vallhund, which looks like its close relative, the Welsh Corgi.

US Troops & Their Dogs

When WWII required US troops to travel to the dense jungles of Asia, the military knew they needed a keen nose to scope out the enemy. Dogs from American homes were donated to the war effort and it then became the responsibility of the Marine Corp to mold these pets into elite war dogs

Often assigned to one handler, these loyal dogs learned to silently search and signal their handlers to danger. They could detect enemy scent up to 1000 yards away, sooner than any man could. Scout dogs were widely used because they were highly efficient in avoiding detection by the enemy. Eventually, the superior scouting lessons learned in the jungles of WWII were reapplied when war dogs served in Korea and Vietnam.

Svalinn has learned from the training techniques of the past and has deployed teams for security and counter poaching all over the world.

The addition of a protection dog to your security strategy offers many unique advantages. Our dogs cannot be used against their owners like a firearm, or bypassed like an alarm system. They are ever-watchful, thinking, discerning by your side. Best friend; Best protector.
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