Included Training

You will receive a tailored multi-day training package upon delivery of your chosen dog.

Included in the purchase of a Svalinn dog, you receive a personalized training package. Because every client has different requirements, we tailor the training accordingly to your particular living situation, specific needs, daily routine and potential security threats.

During the training sessions we teach the new handlers all the commands they will need for basic obedience. Sit, stay, lay down, wait and so on – they're all covered. We also prepare new handlers for high-stress situations where the dog may need to be deployed in a protection situation. We emphasize the basics and work with handlers to build a high level of confidence and trust with their dog during the training.

And yes, your dog even comes with a complete Svalinn Owners Manual. You can refer to this manual anytime for training tips, feeding, healthcare and other important information about your dog.

Svalinn recommends annual re-certification training for the life of your protection dog. This ensures that protection, stability, scent and obedience skills are kept honed. Re-certification training is a fee for service.

We will extend training or conduct follow up training at the owner’s request. Any training outside of the initial training included with the purchase of the dog, is a fee for service ($1,500 per day plus travel expenses).