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February 13, 2021

Welcome to the Svalinn Blog!

A few anecdotes and words to get you understanding Svalinn dogs.

Welcome to the Svalinn Blog!

Welcome to the Svalinn Blog!

We’ve had so much fun redesigning the website over the past few months, and we hope you enjoy the new layout!

One of the fun parts of the new site was gaining new testimonials from clients along the way. We love our K9 owners! The following are a few fun responses we received, that may help you learn more about Svalinn dogs, and the process of selecting, owning, and living with one. Enjoy!

Craig, Owner of Ahsoka
- It's more than owning a pet, it's finding that perfect match of owner/family and dog. It's not about moving "product" it's about a lifelong commitment between the family and the dog.

- We are a bit different than most of your clients. We have Ahsoka but also have trained Luke, Kai and Ike under your direction. The philosophy and methods work. When you have staff who care not only about what they are doing but the dogs they are doing it with you end up with something special, a Svalinn dog.

Ned S., owner of Bri
Liz S., owner of Lockhorn
- I was very skeptical of the whole process going in. Kim immediately made my wife and I comfortable about this being a process rather than an event. No pressure, lots of questions answered directly and sincerely. It was honestly more about building a relationship than a transaction.

- Knowing that she has my back and my wife’s back at ALL times gives us a peace of mind that you can’t put a price tag on.

- When she is on… she is on AND when she is off… she is just another family member (who happens to be ready at a moments’ notice!)

- There are no better people in this business than those at Svalinn and there are no better dogs out there than Svalinn dogs.  This will be the best decision you make as it relates to the quality of your family’s security.

Reg and Mary Ellen, Owners of Elias
-We were astounded by not only their beauty, but also their total obedience.  Our family had never encountered any such animal!

- After seeing the facilities, the training, and meeting the other trainers, it was apparent that this was a very unique circumstance.
The deal sealer was meeting Elias.... he was friendly, loving and very obedient.

- I have a military background, thus was not “in need” of a “protection asset.”
However, his total sweetness and loving nature overwhelmed me.

- …we traveled to Livingston in early May 2020 to pick up and “be trained,” ....it was obvious that he was trained...but our family needed to rise to the occasion. It was a family experience. We are blessed with six children and six grandchildren. We had some initial concerns about a protection dog and the little kids...however, our fears quickly dissipated. The training of both the animal, and our family... is key to Elias becoming absolutely BELOVED by all.

- Svalinn does an excellent job of training the family, and continues the relationship going forward. I am a “relational person,” not a “transactional person.”  Kim, Holt, and the Svalinn team have become trusted friends during this process, something I never imagined from the start.

- I encourage all to visit the Ranch, talk to the owners and trainers... they want to match the right dog with the right family. They value a long-term relationship.

Tom, Owner of Hank
- Our Svalinn dog, Hank, brings us total peace of mind. I travel for work 80% of the time, leaving my wife and two girls home. I never fully realized the anxiety my family felt with me gone until after we got Hank. Now my daughter has confessed… “Now that Hank is with us, noises in the house no longer scare me! I can finally sleep at night.”

- The Svalinn process in our experience was all about fit – fit of you with the dog and vice versa. The Svalinn process is very thoughtful, it starts with familiarization with the Svalinn philosophy, then moves to experiencing the capability of the dogs. Where the process spent most of the time and energy was ensuring the match with the right dog. Most memorable is watching my girls sit and cuddle with a few of the dogs to see where we had the most connection. It’s really after you purchase your dog, that Svalinn trains you and your family in depth.

- There’s so much experience and knowledge in the Svalinn team and so much care in ensuring each family and owner is totally equipped. The process is also not a one-time transaction. Svalinn stays in touch and provides additional training. What was even more impressive was getting to see how Svalinn learns from every placement and incorporates that experience into lessons for future families. I remember when mentioning that we would bring our dog to CrossFit gyms and this seemed to be a new experience for him. Within a few days it seemed I noticed posts on Svalinn’s Instagram page with the dogs in training watching workouts at a local gym.

- For those on the fence about purchasing a Svalinn dog… these dogs are the most loving creatures. Our Hank is part of the family, loves meeting people and being around people. And it’s amazing to see him around kids – at family events it’s inevitable that small children will gravitate to him and crawl on him, poke, pull and pet. Our Hank patiently watches and licks the children and seems to smile.

Lisa, Owner of Mungo
- Svalinn was very patient while we figured out that getting a Protection Dog was the right move for us. They fielded many questions and guided me through the timeline of adding Mungo to our family and making it work in the best way possible. We visited with them several times before we chose Mungo. They suggested several matches they thought would be best, but it wasn’t until we spent time at the facility that we really felt a bond with Mungo. 

- It is really important to be completely upfront and honest about your lifestyle and expectations in order for Svalinn to best match a dog to your needs. They know the personalities of each dog they have and can determine what will work best for you and your family. 

- Life with Mungo is like having a best friend and bodyguard all in one. He is always alert and focused on his surroundings, but also always ready for fun. 

- I feel completely safe when I am with Mungo. I have no doubt he will sense trouble before it happens and will protect me 100%. He is also the sweetest companion anyone could ask for. 

- A Svalinn dog can provide your family with a sense of security and friendship that is without equal. While it is costly, it is worth every penny. 

K, Owner of Ragnar
-We found the team at Svalinn to be very professional and thorough in helping match us with the right dog.  After a phone interview and subsequently meeting in person, they easily determined which dogs could work best for our family.  I was most surprised by the level of concern for both our family and the dog.  They work very hard to set you up for success in whatever your goals may be.   

-There are countless protection training programs available but it's not just about teaching an animal to respond to a potential threat.  Real life situations are not that simple.  It's about establishing trust and knowing your dog can make highly intelligent decisions and back them up with incredible athleticism.

-Even years later, the level of customer service at Svalinn is incredible.  

Collie, Owner of Siggy
-  We took our time to visit Svalinn several times to ensure we gave ourselves and Svalinn ample time to make a good match. Selecting a dog is an important decision for any family so investing on the front end is well worth the effort. Svalinn was keen to listen to our needs and assist in narrowing the dogs to those who would blend into our house. Kids, other pets, work, commitments, exercise schedule are all good topics to share with Svalinn so you will match with a dog who will blend into your daily life.

- A Svalinn dog is not necessarily about what the dog looks like but more about understanding the protection process and doing your part as an owner. All the dogs are good looking, very physically fit and capable of protection work. Visiting the dogs, talking to your handler and seeing the process is exciting and powerful. You will see the dogs go through their commands which will give you the understanding of the obedience. Seeing a dog go through protection work is an important part of the selection process as it confirms firsthand a Svalinn dog can and will protect.  

- The training of a Svalinn dog is the feature I appreciate the most out of my dog. It is our job as owners to use the commands that are instilled in each dog. The dogs like to go through the commands so spending 5 minutes a day when you are outside is easy. If I go for a walk at the park or downtown or in a retail area, there are plenty of objects to jump up, sit, stay, wait…. all on a simple walk you can easily practice and maintain a Svalinn dog’s commands while getting in a good workout for both of you! 

- If you are considering a Svalinn dog take the time to sort through your needs and wants. The dog can do the protection work but you must be willing to maintain a healthy exercise routine and commit to following the guidelines the dog is trained to follow. Sure, there are days we don’t take a long walk, but I try to do my part most days even if we use the garage for a walk about or a loop in the mall if it is raining. After a short time the commands will come naturally, you will establish a routine, and end up with a very obedient dog who is willing to protect you and your family.  

-If you are looking for a show dog or a dog to do tricks or a dog that plays with toys or a dog to show off to your friends then a Svalinn is not the right dog. A Svalinn dog is in the background; their job is to protect not play fetch. I control my dog with a very quiet voice and try to stay under the radar. Svalinn dogs are not front center stage - they are working dogs trained to protect not put on a show. This isn’t to say people won’t be impressed with their obedience when you are in public, they will, but remember a Svalinn dog is a working dog.  

Big Joe, Veteran Owner of Waylon
- Svalinn cares about pairing you with the right dog. I was really impressed how Svalinn profiled me and my life prior to coming out to Montana to select a dog. Even after I arrived, we spent the first hour going over my profile to make sure they had a dog that would fit into my everyday life. After the interview they told me that based on my profile there were 9 dogs they would like me to meet. From there the staff took me to get introduced to the 9 dogs. It was at that point when I met Waylon Jennings, and when Waylon looked right into my soul, he made it clear that he had selected me to be his human. 

- The process truly amazed me. Svalinn is not a puppy mill with the intent of selling dogs to everyone. On day one I was introduced to the dogs that matched my profile. We down selected to 3 dogs after day one. Waylon made it obvious every step of the way that there was a connection between us. The Svalinn Staff was incredibly nice and the hospitality they extended to me exceeded all my expectations.

- Waylon Jennings is always with me. He is the first thing I see when I wake up and the last thing I see when I fall asleep. He is always there. This is a huge comfort for me to know there is always someone there for me no matter what. Waylon is super friendly to other people and quickly wins the hearts of everyone he meets, to include other animals. This friendly nature changes when there is someone around with ill intent. Knowing and trusting Waylon on who is good and bad in this world makes it easy for me to relax in a public setting. If people are nice, Waylon is nice, if people are not nice, Waylon is not nice. I no longer have to try and figure people out. 

- When in a crowd where people have dogs as pets or other animals, a Svalinn dog stands out. The level of obedience that Waylon has far exceeds any other animal in the crowd. I never have to worry about Waylon around anyone in any situation. He travels with me everywhere to include flying on planes. He is so obedient and silent when we are in public that most people don't even know Waylon is there. I get compliments all the time on how well-behaved Waylon is.  

- Don't wait any longer. Start the process now to get your Svalinn Dog. You won't believe the impact these dogs will have on your life.

J, Owner of Whiskey
-Working with Svalinn was easy and straightforward. I really enjoyed interacting with a number of dogs so I could begin to feel comfortable around them and overcome the stereotypes.

-My first glance at Whiskey I knew that was the dog I wanted but I was worried she wasn’t so thrilled about me. That changed quickly and our bond continues to develop each day and grow stronger. It’s hard to explain the bond and how strong it is and how it continues to strengthen.

-When I go about my daily life there are a number of things I need to safeguard and protect. With Whiskey, I know she is the one protecting me so I can relax. I know that the two of us share the responsibility of protecting our family so I’m no longer alone in carrying that burden. Whether I’m taking her to the office or leaving her at home with my wife and yellow lab when I leave on a trip, I can relax knowing her capabilities. 

-Peace of mind - no matter the situation she will respond appropriately if necessary. If a small child jumps out of nowhere, she’ll happily solicit pets but if the situation is different, she’ll respond appropriately.

-Purchasing one of these dogs is a serious and life changing responsibility. One must respect and not take advantage of what the dog is capable of. That said, they are the most faithful and trustworthy companions available. Whiskey accompanies me daily to work without issue. Her kind and gentle demeanor is ever present throughout our day, which involves interactions with a variety of people. If you want a dog that is capable of protecting you and are willing to make the dog an active part of your life - you won’t regret welcoming one into your life. Just remember though, it’s still a dog so you need to accept responsibility for it.

-Whiskey is my partner. I think it’s important to acknowledge that we are a team. Neither of us is superior to the other. 

- I think it’s important for people who are considering a protection dog to know the dog, like a gun, can provide exceptional security and peace of mind. But you have to take responsibility for what you have. With responsible gun ownership one would never leave a loaded gun on the counter when the neighbor’s kids come over. Same thing with the dog; don’t put the dog in a situation where it might react to something you don’t want it to. 

V, Owner of Xena
- Most of all, we appreciate her impeccable training. We were amazed at how the Svalinn team are able to train these powerful dogs to be sweet, loving and incredibly well-behaved, while able to protect should the situation arise. This is the ideal combination anyone could want.  

- If having the most well-behaved dog + protector is your goal, then Svalinn is your answer. 

- Know what kind of dog you want going into this process. If you listen to Svalinn’s instructions, you will have the most perfectly well-behaved family dog you could ever imagine. 

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