Sabuk and I have been a team for a little over 5 months.  I could not have imagined in the beginning how much freedom and peace of mind he would give me, or how much I would simply enjoy his presence.  I no longer wonder before I go to sleep at night what I would do if I awoke to find someone in my house.   I look forward to long hikes with my hiking buddy by my side rather than questioning if I should hike alone…and I always have someone excited to see me.

- Suzanne, Owner of Sabuk -

I would like to offer my sincerest thank you to the entire Svalinn staff for breeding and training such amazing dogs. I spent about 3 years looking worldwide for dogs, including extensive and thorough research, plus a year preparing myself for having a true companion with me at all times. I settled on Svalinn due to the simple fact that the Svalinn team is genuinely concerned about their clients, their dogs, and the human-dog relationship. They are humble students of the tradecraft they practice.

- Fahim, Owner of Saker -

We have 3 dogs from Svalinn, and over the past year they have become an integral part of our daily lives. They protect my young children, my wife, our assets and me, and when I'm away I know they will never stop working and never run an 'inside job'. They are truly incredible animals, with absolute loyalty and ever alert. We realized it would cost us $18 per day to secure our family, with 10 years working life, so it was a simple decision. But really, if I was asked to use one word to describe the dogs, it would be 'priceless' - because that's how I view the safety of my family.

- Fiachra, Owner of 3 Svalinn K9s -

We are really amazed that such a vigilant dog knows how to behave himself with guests in our home and our three year-old daughter while consistently performing his job. His abilities are truly remarkable and he has made an incredible addition to the family. Thank you so much!

- Patrick & Linda, Owners of Bolt -

Muninn doesn’t just bring light to my life; her obedience, talent and loving affection keeps me safe and brings peace to others she meets. Svalinn not only provided me with an amazing companion, they provided me with my life again.

- Cody, Veteran and Owner of Muninn -

I wanted to make sure that we had a dog that would give me peace of mind and security, but also a dog that would be good with our son. Crow has become another member of our family. My son sings to him, plays with him and loves playing hide and seek with him. We couldn't have picked a better fit for our family - but then again, it was that smiling dog that chose us to be a part of his family.

- Jen, Owner of Crow -

As I watch Tattoo protect me during our training scenarios, the ultimate act of humbleness takes place. I now see that I am willing to allow someone to stand between me and a threat against those that I love. Svalinn dogs change people’s lives and protect the most precious asset that a father has in his life, HIS FAMILY!

- Tony, Owner of Tattoo -