We place the Latin phrase facta non verba,
action not words, at the core of our customer service.


All Svalinn canines offer bloodlines dating back over 80 years. Bred with exceptional genetics and reliable temperaments, our dogs truly are the best of their respective breeds. They are also among the healthiest working dogs in the world. Because of our in-house breeding program and our confidence in the established bloodlines, Svalinn offers you a five-year limited health warranty.


Assuring a great match between one of our dogs and you is the most important step in acquiring a Svalinn dog. It is a process that begins with a full evaluation of your daily routine and family dynamics, and ends with you bringing a loyal, loving companion and protector into your home. That’s why it’s crucial the animal you choose is the best one for you.

The confidence we have in our dogs and training allows us to guarantee that the dog we place with you will be the perfect match. If you feel your dog isn’t the ideal fit for any reason, Svalinn offers a one-time replacement or trade out at any time during the first six months with another dog of equal or lesser training/value. From day one and throughout the life of your dog, ensuring your satisfaction and peace of mind with your chosen canine protector is our ultimate mission.