Peace of mind and safety are priorities in everyone’s life, but remaining vigilant in a world constantly bombarding us with distractions is almost impossible.

That's where Svalinn dogs come in. They are bred and trained to be your eyes and ears whether you're sleeping, working or simply relaxing. Your Svalinn dog is always on duty, even when you're not.

Imagine how much more relaxing your daily routine would be with a Svalinn dog by your side. You could go about your life with confidence – free from that nagging worry of what might happen. Together you’ll make the perfect team.

Your Svalinn dog will be constantly by your side – as a friend, great listener and elite protector. Whatever comes your way, the two of you can handle it together.

If you are looking for a loving companion to accompany you any place at any time, a Svalinn dog is ready to be your best friend – and best choice for personal protection.

Sabuk and I have been a team for a little over 5 months. I could not have imagined in the beginning how much freedom and peace of mind he would give me, or how much I would simply enjoy his presence. I no longer wonder before I go to sleep at night what I would do if I awoke to find someone in my house. I look forward to long hikes with my hiking buddy by my side rather than questioning if I should hike alone…and I always have someone excited to see me.

- Suzanne, Owner of Sabuk -