We know nothing in this world is more
important than your family’s safety.

There's no better addition to your family than a Svalinn dog. Behind that soft fur and handsome face of your German Shepherd, Dutch Shepherd or Malinois is a pair of ever-watchful eyes, backed with the decision-making capability and elite training to defend you and your family in a split second. Not only are you gaining a fiercely loyal protector, you're adding a life-long companion to your family. Svalinn dogs aren’t just a pet; they are an integral member of your family.

A common misconception is that a protection dog is an aggressive dog. Nothing could be further from the truth.


Svalinn dogs are first and foremost dogs – animals that are gentle, loving and display a very even and stable temperament. Svalinn would never place a dog in your home that we didn’t feel 100% safe with in our own homes and around our own children.

Early on, Svalinn dogs are introduced into family environments with children of all ages and energy levels, as well as dogs, cats, horses and other common household pets and even livestock. While children can be very unpredictable, our dogs' stable behavior around them is very predictable – all based on scientific breeding and months of intense training and socialization.

Svalinn handlers take pups everywhere they go to ensure the dogs are exposed to every likely event that could take place in a person’s life. This exposure to such varied environments at a young age, paired with consistent training methodology, allow our clients to go about their business knowing their dogs have the ability to discern threats from non-threats.

With a Svalinn dog, you can count on your newest member of the family to be highly loving and affectionate with impeccable manners and obedience – while it's also fully capable of protecting your family in any situation.

As a Diplomatic family living in a country where kidnapping, car jacking and home invasions are an active threat, our family literally sleeps better at night now. Bolt goes everywhere with us.

- Patrick & Linda, Owner of Bolt -