Philosophy & Approach

With a Svalinn dog by your side, you have
the best of both worlds – a loving companion
and an intelligent protector.


We breed Svalinn dogs with the kind of intelligence, capability and stability you want by your side at all times. The genetic quality of our animals can be traced in our bloodlines back 80+ years. From a health, temperament and characteristics standpoint, our ability to perfect our dogs' genetic traits is an enormous advantage to our client’s peace of mind. We have our own specialized breeding program and do not rely on any outside breeders. Our verified bloodlines and breeding program allow us to offer a Lifetime Genetic Guarantee that is unparalleled in the industry.

In short, we specialize in providing you with 24/7 peace of mind
on four legs that will never leave your side.

Because we breed our own dogs we are able to start their training at just six weeks of age. At that time, our dogs begin a six-day-a-week training regimen that includes stability, socialization, obedience and protection training. In their first year alone, each dog receives roughly 2000 hours of training. Not only does this allow us to optimize the time when dogs are the most impressionable but also allows us to know each dog and their personality intimately from the day they were born to the time we place them in your home. This allows us to offer a Perfect Fit Guarantee and gives us the ability to guide your decision in selecting the most appropriate dog for your needs and lifestyle.

Our Guarantees


Our dogs are exposed to a wide variety of stimuli during their upbringing and are put through many of the most common, non-threatening experiences our clients are likely to encounter on a daily basis.

Svalinn dogs have been raised to become loving members of new families since they were puppies. It's important to remember that while Svalinn dogs possess an elite set of skills they can employ in a split-second to defend your family, they are first and foremost family pets that love attention and affection like any other dog.

Svalinn's consistent and precise training develops dogs
that are both friends and protectors.

The majority of our dogs are excellent around children. From the age of 8 weeks, our puppies are integrated daily into the lives of families with children of all ages. As they get older the dogs are socialized with not only individual children but larger groups of energetic kids in such places as classrooms and even entire schools. It is essential that each dog fully appreciates and understands its role as a protector and integrates seamlessly into any family setting.

Our curriculum is built upon our deep understanding and appreciation of that very special relationship between man and dog that allows the two to bond so perfectly. Our insight into the canine world and years of experience allow us to offer our clients some of the best and most stable protection dogs in the world.


Our methodology is based on our firsthand experience in non-permissive environments such as Afghanistan, Kenya and Somalia with real-world threats and is guided by a strictly defined set of performance criteria. It’s a distinction that makes all the difference to you as an owner and companion of one of these extraordinary animals.

Many so-called “protection” dogs are trained for competitions; at Svalinn we aren’t interested in sports or games. Our focus is developing loving and faithful companion dogs that are also exceptional deterrents to a would-be threat, and instant protectors, should you or your family ever be in imminent danger.

Every minute spent in Svalinn’s consistent and precise training program has a purpose. The foundation of our training is obedience, stability, socialization and agility. These elements are critical for dogs that will be in public, with families and individuals in daily life situations.

While most people presume the protection work to be the most critical component of training, at the end of the day, it’s really the “on / off switch”. The ability to protect its handler in one instant, and immediately be calm and stable and move into obedience in the next instant. Every dog is proven to be thinking, observant and discerning.

In addition to protection work, all of our dogs are exposed to scent-work. Many clients initially propose that they do not require a dog with scent capability. However, if you want the ability for your dog to search your house before entering when you return home or the ability to locate a missing child, scent-capability is critical.