Svalinn set out to advance the art
of the protection dog. Simply put, we succeeded.

Svalinn's senior management team collectively boasts significant resumes, including policy advising foreign heads of state, military special operations and protecting heads of state, but we firmly believe in the saying “it’s not about what you did yesterday; show me what you can do today.”

The work of training and socializing puppies from six weeks of age to become highly obedient, loving and capable protectors truly is a team effort. To that end, Svalinn takes great pride in our holistic training approach. 


Our K9 handlers are a graduate of Princeton University, a wildlife biologist, a father of two, outdoor recreation leaders, a college administrator and several US Marines with multiple tours in Iraq and Afghanistan. Our trainers range in age from 25 to 65 years of age and the bulk are women. Why? Because women and children are the most important individuals to train with our animals, as the majority of dogs will ultimately be the primary protector to single women or families with children.

At the end of the day, our dedication to excellence and our mission to provide unprecedented peace of mind to every client is what separates Svalinn from the pack of other providers.