Training and Seminars

At Svalinn, our dogs possess a level of sociability and obedience unparalleled in the industry. We would like to share this training approach and expertise with you and your dog. We use every class as an opportunity to cover essential components like obedience, stability, socialization and agility in order to assist you in training a well-adjusted, well-mannered, healthy and happy dog.


Summer is the time to come and train with Svalinn. New this year, we'll be offering a few select seminars in Bozeman, Montana, as well as at our ranch in beautiful Livingston, Montana.  Whether you have a Svalinn dog and are seeking refresher training in a variety of disciplines or you are a regional resident seeking an enhanced relationship and something fun and rewarding to challenge you and your dog this summer, we have three- and six-hour seminars that fit your training needs. Daily course schedule is 9 am-noon and/or 1-4 pm.  Courses range from $150 - $325. Please visit Svalinn’s on-line store to read full descriptions of course offerings and applicable dates. We look forward to seeing you soon!


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Individual Training

Experience a personalized, one-on-one training session with you and your dog. Address any issues you may be having (i.e. dog aggression, bad manners, problems with children/men/people with hats, etc.) or just hone their foundation of stability, obedience and socialization. Our skilled trainers will assist you with your vocals, lead direction and overall communication with your dog. Individual training sessions provide you with targeted information and tools to work more effectively with your dog from here forward. Our goal is to provide the foundational skills to effectively move forward with training on your own accord and to enhance your bond with your dog.

One 1-hour session= $250

Package:  Ten 1-hour sessions - $2,250

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Residental Training

Want your dog trained by the pros? Send them to us for a minimum of 30 days and your dog will join the ranks with highly trained Svalinn dogs. Each day, experienced handlers work with your dog on obedience, stability, socialization and agility alongside our dogs.* Moreover, we target specific training challenges that you identify in advance (such as heeling, marking in your home, off lead recalls, etc.)

This intensive, “boot camp-style” training is sure to provide the foundation of obedience that you are seeking. Very critical to the training is your continued involvement with your dog to ensure that (s)he understands the boundaries and expectations in your home. Included in the training price are two 90-minute sessions with you and your dog at the end of the 30-day period to ensure transfer of training information and tools to set you up for success.

1 Month = $7,500
($250 for each additional day)
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*We only train our own bloodlines in protection work. Your dog will only be incorporated into our daily training in areas outside of protection work.